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          Ylenia Dentice        Gabriele Migliucci          Luca Notarmasi
                          Stefania Carlotti            Daniel Defedilta

Short history of the group

The Toscanini Guitar Project was born in the beginning of September 2007 by the desire of some guitar students of Arturo Toscanini Musical Center of Piazza Filatteria 84 State Middle School of Rome to pursue the experience of playing together with their teacher lived during the three years of schooling just concluded in June. The idea is that to resume playing some pieces of previous years that were particularly liked and also to study new ones. But above all, to reach a concrete goal, as they will be ready they will be record in a professional recording study.
After a little more than a year eight pieces are already recorded. Then, at the beginning of May 2009, the Toscanini Guitar Project (without their Prof.) participate and wins the 2° National Music Competition of "Cittā di Campagnano" in the category reserved for students with a score of 100/100 with two other pieces. At the end of September of the same year the last two pieces of the disk are finally recorded. The CD "E questo č solo l'inizio..." (And this is only the beginning...) is released the following November 12th during the first official concert of the group. Currently the components of Toscanini Guitar Project are: Stefania Carlotti, Daniel defedilta, Ylenia Dentice and Luca notarmasi, all graduated in guitar with the maximum of the votes, and their Prof. Gabriele Migliucci.